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As of yet this is pretty much classified information, but just so you can see that Southern Costa Rica is bursting at the seams there is a law in effect to bring the most modern Hospital the country has yet, to San Isidro.



Some of the reasons given by our government for this law to go into effect are the following:

The population of the southern region demands the construction of a first class hospital.

A hospital of this category will undoubtedly, be the most important project for the collective use of the nearly three hundred thousand people in southern Costa Rica.

In addition, projected forecasts show a much greater increase of tourists, both domestic and foreign.

And the most special part for me is that I am right in the process of brokering the $135 Million deal for the city of San Isidro. I thank God for this privilege, and give Him all the glory for allowing me to participate in the largest development project the City of San Isidro has undertaken in it's history! I also wish to thank the local government authorities for trusting me with this deal. Truly it's a huge responsibility. I will keep you updated as this project develops and for developers in Southern Costa Rica, feel free to contact me for any further information I might be able to help you with regarding this project. 8337-4657 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nat Yoder

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